William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare

Among all the writers and poets of the world, if any poet is known and recognized the most globally, it is William Shakespeare. Dr. Johnson expressed his opinion about William Shakespeare and said that he was not for an age, but all. Time. He is not for any one era, but all eras. There is hardly any educated person today who has not heard the name of Shakespeare.

William Shakespeare is the only poet and dramatist of the English language known to the whole world. And which is read everywhere. Everyone believes in its greatness. In the opinion of many great writers, no one else has covered the sorrows of human life as much as Shakespeare. His works are kept in all the libraries of the world, but no library in the world is considered incomplete without his works, especially his tragedies.

William Shakespeare’s famous book

Countless articles and books have been written on Shakespeare’s plays and will continue to be written. We can say that the books written on his plays will be thousands of times more than his plays. Only one of his plays, Hamlet, till 1970. More than 10 thousand books and articles had been written.

William Shakespeare born

 As much as William Shakespeare is a great poet and playwright, very little is known about his personal life. He was born to John Shakespeare and Mary Arden in April 1564. The exact date of birth is not yet known, but the Birthplace of Stratford-upon-Avon William Shakespeare was registered on April 26, 1564, in the local church of Stratford-upon-Avon, a town on the River Avon about a hundred miles from London.

William Shakespeare mother

Shakespeare’s mother owned a small amount of land, and his father worked as a glove maker. These gloves were popular but did not bring much income, although John Shakespeare remained an official in the local administration, he later changed his position. Lost Shakespeare had three brothers and two sisters. He was obsessed with watching plays. Shakespeare was probably taken out of school at the age of 13.

William Shakespeare married

At the age of eighteen, on November 28, 1582, he married 26-year-old Anne Hath away. He was not particularly happy with this marriage, but Anne cleverly created such conditions that Shakespeare could not escape from this marriage. . Three children were born to Shakespeare. In his passion for plays, Shakespeare moved away from his home to London, where he was able to earn money by doing small jobs in theater companies.

William Shakespeare company

In 1590, he became a partner in the Lord Chamberlain’s Company, a famous London theater company that later became the King’s Company. By 1597 he had started to have enough income that he bought the second-largest house in the city, New House in Stratford, in 1599 he founded the Globe Theater Company with his fellow artists, the Globe Theater later in London. It became an important landmark. The sad aspect of Shakespeare’s life is that his plays could not be published in his lifetime.

William Shakespeare fame

A few years after his death, two of his acting colleagues smuggled two of his plays into the market, where people began to be introduced to his work, and his plays were quickly snapped up. As a result of the British conquests, a network of British colonies was established everywhere and there was a time when the sun did not set on the British Empire. Along with these conquests, English literature also spread and Shakespeare’s popularity rose. It started ringing. Now, every man in the world considers Shakespeare to be the spokesman of his inner state.

Shakespeare’s fame has crossed all regional boundaries

Shakespeare’s fame has crossed all regional boundaries, he has become a playwright representing international truths. In Britain, he has the status of the national poet. Is. Shakespeare’s poetry greatly enhanced his plays. It was fortunate that Christopher Marlowe successfully used blank verse in his famous play Doctor Faustus. Blank verse emerged as a very fine and powerful genre of poetry that gave the poet a lot of scope for expression, Shakespeare used blank verse so beautifully in his plays that he gave the genre four moons.

Shakespeare and TS Eliot

TS Eliot believes that Shakespeare is a greater dramatist than George Bernard Shaw and Ibsen because of his beautiful poetic qualities. Like Dr. Johnson, TS Eliot also believes that he is the greatest dramatist of all periods, not of one era. Shakespeare achieved great success when in 1603 he entered his name on the list of actors approved by King James I.

Shakespeare  hometown

Shakespeare never forgot his hometown. He returned from London to Stratford, where he died after a short illness on 25 April 1616 and was buried in Trinity Church. He was born in April and died in April. Furthermore, he left most of his estate to his daughter, Susan. What’s the name? Shakespeare wrote a total of 37 plays. His plays can be generally divided into three parts. Among his tragedies are King Lear, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Othello, among his comedies are Night, Merchant of Venice, and Taming of the Shrew. Examples of Shrive, Comedy of Errors, and historical dramas include Richard III, Henry VIII, Julius Caesar, and Antony and Cleopatra.

Shakespeare’s known as a comedy or a tragedy

Whether Shakespeare’s play is a comedy or a tragedy, it is an expression of human emotion. Hundreds of lines have become commonplace. Look at a few lines. The time is out of joint. Empty vessels make much noise. Nothing will come out of nothing. Brevity is the soul of wit. Music is the food of love. To be or not to be. In almost all of Shakespeare’s plays, the plot is not as important as the characters. His characters like King Lear, Hamlet, and Lady Macbeth come to mind.


In addition to his timeless plays, Shakespeare also wrote poems in sonnet form. Shakespeare’s stanza consists of fourteen lines four, four, four, and two lines. Shakespeare wrote a total of 154 such poems. The first one hundred and twenty-five stanzas are in love with the fair youth, while 126 to 152 are addressed to the Dark Lady of Santa. The last two chants are for Cupid, the god of love. Shakespeare makes human life the subject of his plays, thus he creates pure literature because literature is related to life. Shakespeare does not pass his judgments on the characters while writing a play. Neither did he start a reform movement nor did appear in the form of a preacher. He shows his characters happy, suffering, laughing, singing, and crying. He neither laughs at their follies nor blames them. And looks with the characteristic sympathy of the Khamenei. So we can say that he highlights the beauty and ugliness of life, he is the dramatist of life.

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